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360 children watches are sold officially recently

360 children’s watches since the advent of parents and children loved by the children’s watch as a pioneer, 360 in the morning heavy launch of new products – 360 children’s watches SE 2 generation and 360 children’s watches SE 2 Plus. Currently in Jingdong, Lynx, Suning and Gome and other business platform have been on sale.

360 children’s watches SE 2 Plus with 1.44-inch large full-color touch screen, replaceable high-tech nano-antibacterial strap, the texture is quite candy-like Yingbao pudding strap through the US FDA certification, with high strength, high elasticity and tensile Features. In addition, 360 using emotional visual design, specifically for children customized a set of exclusive 360 ​​children’s watches interactive UI, the screen more lively, more gentle, with large full-color touch screen can also better protect children’s eyes, eyesight.

Benefited from the support of the 360 ​​Institute of Artificial Intelligence, 360 in the last year launched the high-end children’s watch 5S version, the introduction of a “live in the watch” new cartoon characters “Buddy Dragon” in the industry for the first time to achieve artificial intelligence Voice answering function support. Through the artificial intelligence Q & A function, the child can talk with the watch at any time, you can ask “Buddy Dragon” on learning, life and other aspects of the encyclopedia knowledge, through the establishment of the dialogue with the cartoon characters Badi Long, let the children take the initiative to learn, Fell in love with learning.

Google launches professional medical watch

Google to release a new watch, but may not be the kind you want, this watch can not read text messages, answer the phone, checkout at the cashier, and even can not count, it does not run Android Wear, can not help you manage the phone The

Then you may have to ask, I do not want the function, why do it? Do not worry about this, you think it is useless, it may not be sold specifically to you, and even the price will not tell you.

The watch was launched by Alphabet’s life sciences research firm Verily, which specializes in rigorous medical research and has also made contact lenses that monitor blood glucose levels.

The watch is called Verily Study, which is a medical research aids. This Study Watch is equipped with a variety of physiological and environmental sensors to collect heart rate, electrocardiogram, exercise data, and to detect user skin electrical conductivity, ambient light intensity and sound Strength, etc., can be used in cardiovascular, motor disorders and other areas of research for the detection of related signals.

In order to collect the health information of the wearer for a long time, this Study Watch can last up to one week and will also encrypt the collected wearer’s health information and then upload it to the cloud service. For example, Study Watch can be collected from the ECG data to detect whether the user suffering from heart disease.

The use of ceramics in watches

In the watch industry, ceramics is one of the most fashionable materials, gloss, high hardness, no rust color, no pollution, chemical stability and other advantages make ceramic materials become the new darling of the watch industry. Its quality by many brands of respected, you have to ask which ceramic watch strong, will be directly recommended Swiss famous watch brand radar and unique and elegant Chanel J12. The following watch is not a common sense of the card, recommend three other brands of ceramic watches, but also enough to make you look fashionable taste.

This series of ceramic pilot series of ceramic, launched in 2016, when the nations came to the pilot year, then launched the Mark 18 watch, which is one of the ceramic models. Watch glass table mirror assembly is very stable, can withstand sudden drop pressure and not loose, durable. With a small calfskin strap, classic style and stylish atmosphere. Watch equipped with 30110 model automatic mechanical movement, soft iron inner shell protection movement, and from the impact of magnetic field effect, the full chain can provide 42 hours power reserve.

This Bvlgari BVLGARI BVLGARI series of ceramic watches, but also many aspects of the Italian design of the bold style, but also from the brand of the roots of Rome to the integration of culture and fashion elegance, blooming bright dazzling light. Different from the previous paragraph, the ceramic is only used in the 37 mm steel case on top of the bezel, plus with a diamond standard black paint dial and black soft crocodile leather strap, the whole black charm of a wind The face of the incoming, noble and elegant. Dial on the design, simple and yet fashion sense, watch strap decorated with Ardillon retro clasp, it is unique, is a rare ceramic luxury watch.

Smart watch tailor-made for the elders

One day will be old parents, how much care about you? About the elderly care of the elderly care, you are ready? With the accelerated aging, there are six in Wenzhou, one is the elderly, but the current Elderly industry services and products are relatively limited, far from meeting the growing needs of the elderly.

Speaking of smart bracelet or smart watch, many people will think of the major electronic equipment manufacturers who can be used to calculate the number of running steps, consumption of heat and other information sports accessories, they are mostly love sports young people’s favorite The Recently, the first can wear cardiovascular and cerebrovascular intelligent laser treatment device landing in Wenzhou, the future of Wenzhou is expected to enjoy the elderly for their own smart watch, through which you can achieve heart rate monitoring, call and smart positioning and other intimate functions.

According to the data released by the National Commission of Aging, the number of elderly people aged over 60 in China has exceeded 2 billion, accounting for 14.9% of the total population. Among them, “empty nests” account for nearly 50% of the elderly population and over 80 years old The rate of one million people is increasing every year. These elderly people from all over the country tens of thousands of families, the elderly health problems and medical expenses, has become a pressure in every ordinary family on the heavy burden; most of the children due to work, marriage and other reasons are rarely living with their parents , Resulting in a group of elderly people living alone, how to take care of the elderly parents have become a major problem for each family.

Epson creates professional sports watch brand

April 21, 2017, Epson Innovation Conference held in Qingdao. Sohu Sports witnessed the conference at the scene. Take this opportunity, Epson announced his campaign watch spokesperson, held a grand signing ceremony. Epson (China) Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Ando Zongde, officially announced the well-known cross-country runners Yun Yanqiao endorsement Epson sports watch. Yunyan bridge scene for everyone to introduce his choice of endorsement Epson reasons, and to love the novice who talk about the importance of the choice of sports watch.

Since December 2016 to enter the Chinese market can wear, Epson has shown a strong determination. The Yanchang Bridge, is the Epson sports watch market six months to an important market action. At the same time, Epson is looking forward to a reasonable movement, scientific fitness concept passed to the customer.

It is reported that Epson sports watch in Japan has a high market awareness, there are data show that in 2015 Epson Wristable GPS (GPS sports watch), the market share in Japan first * 1. Epson and the origin of the table, can be traced back to the last century 40’s, its business originated in the development and manufacture of watches. Epson in the watch manufacturing accumulation of “province, small, fine technology”, to promote its vigorous development of the cornerstone. Epson sports watch so excellent international market performance, fully reflects the Epson strong brand strength and technological advantages.

Speaking of Yuncheng Bridge signing plan, Epson (China) Co., Ltd., general manager Ando Tsang Tak said that Yun Yan Bridge as a veteran cross country run the world champion in the industry has a strong influence, and he constantly beyond the self, challenge Limit, and Epson courage to innovate the spirit is very fit; and Epson sports watch precise GPS positioning, optical heart rate monitoring and endurance per second and so on in various competitions, can provide accurate data for the runners reference.

These high-value watches worth more than they are priced

If you love British Lun retro fashion, then Olivia Burton watch should be a good choice. Olivia Burton is a very young brand, founded by two British fashion buyers girl Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings in 2012, and a variety of British characteristics and retro fashion into the watch design.

Inspired by the rustic style, you can feel the nature of the flowers, butterflies, flowers, birds and other natural creatures, they will be applied to the dial design. Combined with different colors of the strap, classic and elegant style is like a timeless British fashion, so that the wrist can also show a lasting charm of charm.

As a trend in the forefront of fashion people, who would not know Daniel Wellington? This brand from Sweden, in the watch design, but also play a very simple style of the Nordic.

Because in Instagram’s high rate of appearance, quickly popular in the world, and become fashionable wrist on the essential style. Iconic color nylon strap, a clear interpretation of the Preppy style, but also the perfect interpretation of the British retro temperament.

In addition to the classic nylon strap, the leather strap with, is now the most popular style, simple large dial style, without too much complicated decoration, diameter 36,40 mm dial, are very suitable for modern women wear style The Different straps can be freely with a different style, simple features triggered a global fashion up to the popular pursuit, and is called “the world’s hottest fashion watch.”

Withings released leather version of Steel HR smart watch

Nokia’s Withings has released a special version of the Steel HR smart watch, a leather strap version is ready for the upcoming Mother’s Day to prepare a special gift. Unlike the regular version of the Steel HR smart watch, the leather version of the Steel HR smart watch has a fine box with a watch, leather strap, charger and silicone strap, in motion, swimming or Wet weather will be able to replace the silicone strap to replace the leather strap.

Teel HR smart watch built-in heart rate monitoring sensor, you can with the corresponding Health Mate application real-time synchronization, so users can view the data in real time and unlock a variety of awards. The Steel HR smart watch supports SMS, call and event notifications, and can be displayed on its display. Withings said the device can provide up to 25 days of battery life, plus more than 20 days of power reserve. In addition, watches are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

It is reported that the leather version of the Steel HR smart watch is priced at 229.95 euros (about 1697 yuan), is now available in the Withings official website.