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These high-value watches worth more than they are priced

If you love British Lun retro fashion, then Olivia Burton watch should be a good choice. Olivia Burton is a very young brand, founded by two British fashion buyers girl Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings in 2012, and a variety of British characteristics and retro fashion into the watch design.

Inspired by the rustic style, you can feel the nature of the flowers, butterflies, flowers, birds and other natural creatures, they will be applied to the dial design. Combined with different colors of the strap, classic and elegant style is like a timeless British fashion, so that the wrist can also show a lasting charm of charm.

As a trend in the forefront of fashion people, who would not know Daniel Wellington? This brand from Sweden, in the watch design, but also play a very simple style of the Nordic.

Because in Instagram’s high rate of appearance, quickly popular in the world, and become fashionable wrist on the essential style. Iconic color nylon strap, a clear interpretation of the Preppy style, but also the perfect interpretation of the British retro temperament.

In addition to the classic nylon strap, the leather strap with, is now the most popular style, simple large dial style, without too much complicated decoration, diameter 36,40 mm dial, are very suitable for modern women wear style The Different straps can be freely with a different style, simple features triggered a global fashion up to the popular pursuit, and is called “the world’s hottest fashion watch.”