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Epson creates professional sports watch brand

April 21, 2017, Epson Innovation Conference held in Qingdao. Sohu Sports witnessed the conference at the scene. Take this opportunity, Epson announced his campaign watch spokesperson, held a grand signing ceremony. Epson (China) Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Ando Zongde, officially announced the well-known cross-country runners Yun Yanqiao endorsement Epson sports watch. Yunyan bridge scene for everyone to introduce his choice of endorsement Epson reasons, and to love the novice who talk about the importance of the choice of sports watch.

Since December 2016 to enter the Chinese market can wear, Epson has shown a strong determination. The Yanchang Bridge, is the Epson sports watch market six months to an important market action. At the same time, Epson is looking forward to a reasonable movement, scientific fitness concept passed to the customer.

It is reported that Epson sports watch in Japan has a high market awareness, there are data show that in 2015 Epson Wristable GPS (GPS sports watch), the market share in Japan first * 1. Epson and the origin of the table, can be traced back to the last century 40’s, its business originated in the development and manufacture of watches. Epson in the watch manufacturing accumulation of “province, small, fine technology”, to promote its vigorous development of the cornerstone. Epson sports watch so excellent international market performance, fully reflects the Epson strong brand strength and technological advantages.

Speaking of Yuncheng Bridge signing plan, Epson (China) Co., Ltd., general manager Ando Tsang Tak said that Yun Yan Bridge as a veteran cross country run the world champion in the industry has a strong influence, and he constantly beyond the self, challenge Limit, and Epson courage to innovate the spirit is very fit; and Epson sports watch precise GPS positioning, optical heart rate monitoring and endurance per second and so on in various competitions, can provide accurate data for the runners reference.