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Smart watch tailor-made for the elders

One day will be old parents, how much care about you? About the elderly care of the elderly care, you are ready? With the accelerated aging, there are six in Wenzhou, one is the elderly, but the current Elderly industry services and products are relatively limited, far from meeting the growing needs of the elderly.

Speaking of smart bracelet or smart watch, many people will think of the major electronic equipment manufacturers who can be used to calculate the number of running steps, consumption of heat and other information sports accessories, they are mostly love sports young people’s favorite The Recently, the first can wear cardiovascular and cerebrovascular intelligent laser treatment device landing in Wenzhou, the future of Wenzhou is expected to enjoy the elderly for their own smart watch, through which you can achieve heart rate monitoring, call and smart positioning and other intimate functions.

According to the data released by the National Commission of Aging, the number of elderly people aged over 60 in China has exceeded 2 billion, accounting for 14.9% of the total population. Among them, “empty nests” account for nearly 50% of the elderly population and over 80 years old The rate of one million people is increasing every year. These elderly people from all over the country tens of thousands of families, the elderly health problems and medical expenses, has become a pressure in every ordinary family on the heavy burden; most of the children due to work, marriage and other reasons are rarely living with their parents , Resulting in a group of elderly people living alone, how to take care of the elderly parents have become a major problem for each family.