Google launches professional medical watch

Google to release a new watch, but may not be the kind you want, this watch can not read text messages, answer the phone, checkout at the cashier, and even can not count, it does not run Android Wear, can not help you manage the phone The

Then you may have to ask, I do not want the function, why do it? Do not worry about this, you think it is useless, it may not be sold specifically to you, and even the price will not tell you.

The watch was launched by Alphabet’s life sciences research firm Verily, which specializes in rigorous medical research and has also made contact lenses that monitor blood glucose levels.

The watch is called Verily Study, which is a medical research aids. This Study Watch is equipped with a variety of physiological and environmental sensors to collect heart rate, electrocardiogram, exercise data, and to detect user skin electrical conductivity, ambient light intensity and sound Strength, etc., can be used in cardiovascular, motor disorders and other areas of research for the detection of related signals.

In order to collect the health information of the wearer for a long time, this Study Watch can last up to one week and will also encrypt the collected wearer’s health information and then upload it to the cloud service. For example, Study Watch can be collected from the ECG data to detect whether the user suffering from heart disease.

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